Tongtian Zhu

"Convince future generations, not just peers."


At the gorgeous Westlake, Hangzhou

Hi there 😃. I am Tongtian Zhu (prounced as “Tong-tee-an Joo”), a second-year PhD student at the Computer Science Department of Zhejiang University (ZJU), under the auspices of Professors Mingli Song and Chun Chen. I earned my B.S. degree in Mathematical Science from CUMTB, as well as my B.Econ. degree in Economics (double degree) from Peking University (PKU) in 2021. In the same year, I joined JD Explore Academy (JDE) as a a research intern, where I focused on the generalization theory of decentralized learning, fortunately supervised by Professors Fengxiang He and Dacheng Tao.

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🦄 Research Interest

In the science aspect, my primary research interest lies in understanding the mechanisms underpining the practical success of deep learning. My ultimate goal is to understand the emergence of intelligence (both machine intelligence and biological intelligence). In the technology aspect, I am passionate about developing machine learning methodologies inspired by principles.

My current research focuses on examining the theoretical foundations of decentralized learning. I am also dedicated to utilizing elegant theoretical insights to construct fast and generalizable decentralized learning algorithms.

Please always feel free to contact (via email or WeChat) if you have any questions, are interested in collaborating, or simply want to chat. For regular updates and insights, feel free to follow my Twitter as well.

🔥 News

Apr 25, 2023 Our paper “Decentralized SGD and Average-direction SAM are Asymptotically Equivalent” is accpeted at ICML 2023!
Feb 11, 2023 Our paper “Contrastive Identity-Aware Learning for Multi-Agent Value Decomposition” is accpeted at AAAI 2023 (Oral)!
Dec 6, 2022 I am awarded as a Merit PhD student/Triple A PhD student of Zhejiang University on 2021-2022 (top 10%)!
May 17, 2022 Our paper “Topology-aware Generalization of Decentralized SGD” is accepted at ICML 2022!

📝 Selected Publications

  1. ICML 2022
    Topology-aware Generalization of Decentralized SGD
    Tongtian ZhuFengxiang HeLan ZhangZhengyang Niu, Mingli Song, and Dacheng Tao
    In Proceedings of the 39th International Conference on Machine Learning, 17–23 jul 2022
  2. ICML 2023
    Decentralized SGD and Average-direction SAM are Asymptotically Equivalent
    Tongtian ZhuFengxiang HeKaixuan Chen, Mingli Song, and Dacheng Tao
    In 40th International Conference on Machine Learning, 23–29 jul 2023

📚 Academic Services

  • Conference Reviewer: ICML 2022, 2023; NeurIPS 2022, 2023; AISTATS 2023; UAI 2023; ECML 2023; ACML 2022.
  • Journal Reviewer: Information Science.

🤗 Miscellaneous

  • I am an (old-school) ACG fan. My favorites range from Detective Conan and Pokemon to Attack on Titan.
  • I am also a basketball fanatic.